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Loft Projects provides a full architectural loft conversion design and planning service. This includes all the design drawings including the floor plans, elevations, and sections details needed for your loft conversion design. We can also produce 3D sketches to show you the potential space that you will have available. As part of the loft conversion design service, we will carry out the application and management of the building regulation application process and if required, the full planning application. The team at Loft Projects will work closely with you, enabling you to create your new loft space designed in exactly the way you want it.

We have extensive know how and experience in loft conversions design, having worked on the many differing types of properties all over London. From a simple eaves type loft conversion through to the more complex designs with planning restraints, we have got experience over a wide spectrum of projects. 

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Need Plans Drawn For Your Loft Conversion?loft conversion plans

Loft Projects provides a full design service that starts with providing all architectural plans needed for building regulation and if required the drawings needed for planning permission. As part of this service we will happily manage the building regulation approval process and or the planning application.

Planning Application Drawing Package. From £500+VAT

To Start with includes a detailed survey of the property and site measurement taken by laser. Then using these to produce outline plans including a location plan along with the existing and proposed elevation drawings. These will show the new loft conversion, finally a proposed layout for the new loft conversion will also be provided. The above drawing package starts from £500+VAT and includes:

  • Measured Survey
  • Outline Plans
  • Location Plan
  • Existing Elevations
  • Proposed Elevations
  • Loft Room Layout

Working Drawings & Structural Calculations From £900+VAT    

These are the drawings needed for building the loft conversion and will be used for the building regulations requirements. They start by including the existing and proposed elevations. Along with a full specification for the building works they will also highlight the relevant British Standard and Building Regulations. A section drawing detail will be provided showing the new staircase. As part of the drawings a detailed proposed plan for the staircase will also be included. Also the drawings will also show the floor joist and roof structure along with the steel and structure layout. Details regarding the positioning of windows both in the dormer and roof slope are also specified. Finally the plans will include the structural calculations and the particulars for the insulation, plumbing and ventilation details. The above drawing packing including structural calculation starts from £900+VAT and includes:  

  • Existing and Proposed Elevations
  • Full Specification
  • Sectional details
  • Floor joist layout
  • Steel & Structural Layout
  • Window & Opening Positions
  • Insulation, Ventilation and Plumbing details
  • Structural Calculation Incorporation  

Loft Conversion Planning Permission 

The majority of loft conversions carried out today do not need planning permission.

In 2008 the government changed the planning laws for loft conversion in England and Wales making it easier for more property to be converted without the need for planning permission.

See our blog post about planning permission to learn more.

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