1. Enquiry Stage

The process starts with a brief telephone consultation. This will normally take 10-15 minutes. We will arrange for one of our experienced loft consultants to visit your home, we will discuss your requirements further, and we will carry out a feasibility study of the property. Following the visit, a fixed price quotation and an initial design sketch will be produced. 

Timescale: within 1-2 days

2. Proposal & Contract

Following our visit, you will be provided with a detailed quote, specification, design sketch, a stage payment plan, and other additional information you may require, all tailored to your individual loft conversion. An independent contract will be provided and signed by both parties. Provisional dates will be agreed on, subject to the relevant permits and permissions being in place. 

Timescale: within 2-3 days

3. Design

Either the architect or one of our consultants will do a detailed measured survey of the property. This survey normally takes 2 – 4 hours to complete. Following the survey, architectural drawings are produced, and a design proposal is submitted to yourself for your approval; at this stage we are happy to discuss any changes you might wish to make or look at certain design options in more detail. Once you are happy, a final set of drawings is issued for sign off.

Timescale: within 2 weeks

4. Approvals & Red tape

Most loft conversions fall under the permitted development umbrella for approval, providing that certain limits are adhered to; in fewer cases there may be a need for planning permission. In both scenarios, its best to submit a full plans application to the local authority or an approved building control company.  It is possible to work under permitted development without submitting plans, but this wouldn’t be recommended. It normal takes 5-8 weeks to gain the appropriate approval from your local authority or an approved building control company. If planning permission is required it may take slightly longer.

Timescale: within 5-8 weeks

5. Party Wall

The Party Wall Act 1996 outlines a framework for preventing and resolving disputes in relation to shared walls between two or more parties. As the building owner intending to carry out works on a shared wall, you must give the adjoining owner(s) notice of your intentions. This is done in the form of a letter. The time this process takes depends upon your neighbour(s); if they agree to the work without the need for an independent party wall surveyor, then this will cause no delays.

Timescale: immediate - 2 months

6. Building Works

When all relevant paperwork, approvals, and permits are in place, the building works can commence. The building work on site normal takes between 6 – 8 weeks for the average loft conversion; this can sometimes be longer for more complex projects.

Timescale: 6-12 weeks

7. Payments

All our loft conversions are carried out to an individual client stage payment schedule, this has been designed to make the process easy to manage and give piece of mind, as there are no upfront payments. All payment schedules are set out and agreed upon before work commences.

9. Completion

Once the building work has finished, your loft conversion in now complete and ready for you to add your finishing touches. It’s now ready for painting, decorating, and carpets to be laid. Building control will issue you with a completion certificate.


10. Your Guarantee

On completion of all building work, and after the final stage payment, a full guarantee will be issued and the guarantee is transferable to others if you intend to sell the property. Your loft is guaranteed for 10 years.


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